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can we learn anything from music production? as an example. Plugins are at the forefront of the industry it seems.

Should we anticipate more plugins/python scripts in the coming years and what should they be?

I have been reading Counterpunch recently and the glyph alteration/alternation question seems quite interesting for a start.

any ideas?

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Absolutely - Have you looked into Robofog?

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*deleted post.

thanks! I am trying to get it working now in Glyphs. the pen tool looks very interesting

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Jared - are you referring to Robofog the dead extension of fontographer or Robofab?

Can anyone elaborate on the differences between the two? A lot of the links are dead....
*edit - I'm interested in the differences between the scripting side of Robofog and The Robofab library/modules

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very promising stuff!
wish list - colour preview a'la fontlab metrics window
a broadnib pen tool
a plugin that can calculate the black and white areas of each glyph (+counters).

any others to add?

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Robofont has a number of third-party plugins and—not to toot my own horn—a plugin that I wrote to install them:

Scripting has been a part of digital type design for a long time, the new wave editors are both modular to different degrees.

A different question is when we'll get graphic design tools that work this way…

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a broadnib pen tool

Yes, definitely!

a plugin that can calculate the black and white areas of each glyph (+counters).

Yes, and it should be possible to restrict the area for that calculation to the x-height, capital height, figure height, small cap height, any other height …

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@Jack: Thanks so much, Mechanic rocks! What would I do without it…

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