What Is The Complete Work of Herb Lubalin?

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1. I'd like to know if all the typefaces of Herb Lubalin are available on digital format?
2. How many typefaces did he fashion with or without Tom Carnase?

Find a rough list of his work : Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph, Serif Gothic, Ronda, Didi.
Are there anymore typefaces?

3. How do you define the style of Herb Lubalin and what's his artistical leaning?

Thanks in advance.

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You'll find Google to be very helpful with your homework assignments.


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The Herb Lubalin Study Center seems to be a great place to find out about Herb Lubalin and his work. They have put up some images of the Study Center and items for the archive on their Flickr page:


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There’s this story about Alexandre Wollner visiting Herb Lubalin in New York. He says:

H. Lubalin had this three-floor office in N.Y. The main room was as big as Alexandre Wollner’s house with tables covered with sweets and chocolates. Wollner asked him what the room was for and how he managed all the luxury when he (Wollner) back in Sao Paulo couldn’t even dream of having such an adequate room. He replied: “I’m going to tell you a secret: on the first floor there’s a room full of people working, but they only do retail down there, which I don’t show to anyone and which doesn’t appear in any book. We make a lot of money there. On the 2nd floor we produce publications of a slightly higher level: some adverts, but mostly magazine page spreads, medical pamphletes, and these make reasonable money. I don’t publish this stuff anywhere either. Then there is this room here where I do the things you see; the Avant Garde alphabet, Eros magazine etc. These don’t bring in a dime, they just cost money. It’s the first floor that sustains the other two.”

The story is from Alexandre Wollner published by CosacNaify in Brazil (a project by Andre Stolarski)

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Interesting story, Nick.

I've seen similar things at design firms I've worked for. They need some steady clients that provide a constant flow of income, even if the work is mundane. It isn't shown in the portfolio, but it pays the bills.

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On the digital market, only four fonts are available with the original names:
Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph, Serif Gothic, Ronda.
Avant Garde Gothic was available in its complete form with stylistic sets in the previous decade only.

I read that Lubalin produced ITC Fat Face Black. Nick Curtis reproduced it under the name of Pudgy Puss NF.

I discovered the modern face ITC Didi by chance at Fonts in Use.

The font is not available on digital format with that name but designer Jason Anthony Walcott reproduced it under the name Domani CP.

I wonder if there are other fonts from Lubalin's output with alternate identities.

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Long ago ITC Fat Face was available in digital format from the Letraset Fontek Library. But it appears it is no longer on the market. I have a copy from my days as a consultant on U&lc.

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