From the TV show American Guns. Please help in identifying this font.

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GUNMOKE is lettering, perhaps based on one or more fonts.
BUY SELL TRADE may also be lettering. But I did spot a font with similar flare like projections from L and T. This is LHF Conclave by Chuck Davis
For various fonts in the Victorian ornamented genre there are several foundries with some interesting designs.
Decade Type Foundry
Font Mesa
Greater Albion
LHF Letterhead
Myfonts has several tags that are worth exploring, including "Wild West", western, circus, country, rodeo, and 1800s.
In addition you could check the Western Theme at Dafont Most of these are amateur efforts or free fonts by reputable authors. But be careful on use, because some are rips of the work of others.


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Definitely not it but I like Boston Truckstyle as alternative for this one.

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thanks guys good job

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