small caps iota with punctuation?

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Hi, is it ok to make small caps iota (I) with the dot on top? I know it is not commonly used but is a distraction?

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Small caps follow the design of upper case letters.

I am not aware of any iota with dot accent. Where do you saw it? This may be not a distraction but a less known diacritic combination. It would be interesting to know about it.

Also note iota is found in Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts, being a diferrent character in each one (with different Unicode codification).

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I know some display faces include design elements from lower-case letters in their upper case.

Sometimes it's traditional - an uppercase U that looks like an enlarged lowercase U is found in a number of oldstyle faces.

Other times, one is dealing with faces that seek to obtain a unicase effect, analogous to the lowercase of Peignot, for example. But while that is "OK" in the sense of being accepted, it is also distracting - so it's done only in intentionally extravagant display faces.

Think of Jazz Gothic from Canada Type, for example.

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Thanks for the answers, I saw it right here just look at the small caps and there it is an iota with dot. And it is not a display typeface so it's really odd.

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That's a different character: in Turkish, i with dot and i without dot are different letters.

If you intend your font to support the Turkish language, you need both forms. If not, it would be very confusing to use the dot above I.

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