A fake Banco on a french pizzeria

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Good morning, could you help me to identify, this fake lower case Banco found on a french pizzeria ?
Thanks for any help.

Sprint of Aldo Novarese
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Aldo Novarese's Sprint

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Thanks I thought it was a Novarese's design, but I didn't manage to find which one.

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You're welcome, Sébastien.

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Just curious, Mike: Why do you always link to the old MyFonts site instead of the current, ‘new’ one? (It even isn’t that new any more, having been launched in 2009.) I think the new site offers a number of useful features that the old one is missing: You can, for instance, directly link to an overview page with your own sample text, there is a better close-up view of characters, you have much more sophisticated options for advanced searching—just saying …

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