Serif font

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Any ideas on what this is?


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Almost but not quite Nimbus Roman No 9 Tail of a flips up.
Also pretty similar, with the same a tail flip problem CG Times and
Timeless EF Light
as well as several more similars with the a flip tail.
Either this is an edited logotype [Liberal Party?] or there is another font. If there is I assume someone will post the match for you.

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My guess is that this is a Times 'clone' (almost). In other words, someone made a Times-like serif font, maybe mixing letters from some other serif. The 'a' isn't the only problem. The L has an odd thick bracket on the right of the stem, and the i is very close to its dot. These could be earmarks of tinkering with Times to make something slightly different, to avoid accusations of copying the font.

- Mike Yanega

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