Different Auto-hinting tests and results

Hi typophiles

I'm trying to figure out which is the best quick auto-hinting solution, right now I know 4 (quick) options:

• No Hinting
• Fontlab Hinting (with proper stems/blue zones)
• FontSquirrel
• TTFautohint Program (thanks to Dave Crossland)

(I've attached the results) The question is:
Do you know any other quick auto-hinting options that might be worth a try?


*I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.1, and the tests with Impallari testing tool

No-hinting.jpg876.71 KB
Fontlab-auto-hinting.jpg437.85 KB
FontSquirrel-auto-hinting.jpg868.23 KB
TTFautohint.jpg884.23 KB
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TTF Autohint seems to be the best option:

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Why are you only testing in one browser? That's not going to give you any decent answer.

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The Fontlab autohinting screenshot looks like PostScript outlines rendering. If you are looking for meaningful results, it's better to only compare fonts with the same outline type.

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I've tested on other browsers, but, I didn't want to upload 16 images hehe, but you are right!
Yes Jens, I should have done TTF tests only! :/

Will try again soon

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