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From a Book-Cover 1948.
It's about city planning in Germany / Bielefeld / Sennestadt
The Scriptfont ist important for my actual project, and more complicated to find similar. I hope anybody has an idea?
The second font, that occurs on the cover is a Serif Capital-Letter font. If anybody knows something similar. Thanks too ;) i#m just starting to search this font. baldur


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The script looks like handwritten/lettering to me (look at the lower connection point between /h & /e)
Some alternatives you may like:
Elisa Linotype
P22 Corinthia
Mr De Haviland

similar to your serif:
City by Berthold.
Serifs are different on many letters. The light version plus some manual compression could probably be closer to your sample.

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The first one is seems handwritten. Very few script fonts match it's sharp aggressive character, i.e. angular, in a monoline connecting script. Of the fonts suggested so far, Måns Grebäck's Notera and Signerica [thanks Ryuk] are part way there. A few more partial matches to the character of the script are
Roland Hörmann's Neo Noir Slim
PT Script Barguzin
Robert Slimbach's Caflisch Script
Mistral is sufficiently aggressive but is much thicker with too much variation in height and angle, so I did not include it.

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the neonoir is really close. i think it will be hard to get closer cause the origin is handwritten, like you said. Good Hint!!! :) Thanks! Baldur

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