Michel, by Michel Waxman

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I've been working on a digitization of Michel, an old Letraset font designed by Michel Waxman. I am surprised this has not previously been digitized. It was dropped from Letraset catalogues some time in the 1980's I believe (though I don't have an old catalogue to confirm this against). In fact, it's only recently that his other font "Optex" has come to light (as "Olympik" by Jonathan Hill). I am wondering if there isn't some legal/licensing minefield story behind this. Biographical information on Michel Waxman is also scarce.

Does anyone know anything of Mr. Waxman, and who might currently own any/all rights to his work? Does Mr. Waxman read this forum? I'd love for him to get in touch.

Interestingly, Luc Devroye also credits him with the design of "Oxford", but that was actually the work of Christine Lord.

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A Google search turns up over fifty people in the US named Michel Waxman. Perhaps you can track him/her down that way.

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I think "Michel" is usually a man of French descent. If he designed it in the 1970s (around 40 years ago) it's possible he's not even still living. Hopefully someone will know for sure.

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Michel and Optex are both in my 1986 Letraset catalog and in my 1976 one as well.

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