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Help! !! Bonjour à tous de la France.What's this font please? Thanks to the community.

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The large type at the top (EPICERIE..) looks like "Campanili" shown on P.10 of the Solotype Catalog. I have not looked for the others, but this suggests typefaces from the late 1800's. I could not find a digital version of Campanili, although often names are changed when reviving typefaces from old designs.

- Mike Yanega

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Mike - Campanili is actually Campanile. There are digital versions out there from Aridi, on Dovers 24 Victorian Fonts CD and Dieter Steffmann offers one (the latter of questionable origin). A Web search will find them, Pascale.

To me, this appears to be hand lettered mimicking Campanile. There are even stencil spaces in some places.

The number 27 looks Campaniley, too.

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{Eure appears to be, again, hand-mimicked French Script - or other ronde.

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VERNON was inspired by Paul Lloyd's Helena.

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The sign's lettering of EPICERIE is a fair rendition of Campanile, a font patented by William W. Jackson as D11161 on April 15, 1879 and sold by MacKellar Smith's Jordan, and later by other foundries, under that name.
Dan X. Solo made a digital version, 1998, in the CD sold with the Dover book Victorian Display Fonts. Other independent digitizationas are by Aridi, as Aridi 70., and by Walden as Jugend. There is also an OPTI version which MAY be original, and a version by Deiter Steffmann which is most likely a rip of one of the other versions. No legitimate digital that I can show as a link.

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And finally, look to Monotype Corsiva for the chancery script.

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As for Campanile from Aridi, http://www.aridi.com/images/fonts/70.gif for a display. It's not clear to me if you can purchase it separately from a big bundle.

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