This is Forever -looking to find out the font for the white "IS FOREVER" portion of the print. I already know "this"=Modern No 20 & the White Ornamentals=Bergamot Ornament. Franklin Gothic Demi seems to be it, but not sure because of the "O". Thanks!

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I think if you search using "geometric sans-serif" you can find many candidates. The white lettering on a pale background makes it hard to judge the legs of the R, but Museo Sans 700 or 900 ought to be pretty close. The S curves and R legs will be the things to look for as long as the O is round.

- Mike Yanega

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The R and the O are right for Museo Sans, but the S is definitely wrong. My first guess is totally wrong, though: Gill Sans.

Franklin Gothic does have the right R and S, but not the O, as noted.

The R and S are both wrong for Futura.

Soin Sans gets all three basic shapes right, but I don't think it's the right one.

Wait; the low contrast had me mistaking the S.

While Gill Sans was wrong, my instincts may have gotten me close. Look for a typeface more closely based on Johnston's original face for the London Underground. That matches all three shapes.

Here's P22 Johnston Underground for your inspection... no, that does not have the right R.

Hurme Geometric Sans 3 also gets all three shapes right.

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