SoftFacade Logo - Script/Display Font

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Hey everyone! I could use some help identifying this font used in the SoftFacade logo. Thanks in advance!


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In the absence of any other comments, can I state the obvious and say that this has been hand-drawn or possibly a modified version of a standard font. There are a few fonts in a similar vein by Laura Worthington (Ganache, Funkydori and Number Five) that could have been used as the basis for that particular design.

(Note: Soft Façade’s new website logo appears to be based on Kari Regular Italic by Positype.)

Hope this helps.

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In the ballpark, I suggest Crema, designed by Hubert Jocham for packaging -- the name suggests dairy, yoghurt etc:
There are also other buttery scripts such as Tartine Script that you might find useful.

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