News Gothic and Source Sans Pro

Hi, I would like som opinions on my work combining the classic News Gothic typeface with the modern face Source Sans Pro by Paul Hunt on my website. I think the two pair well together, due to e g similar x-height, but I'm sure you guys have some valuable feedback. What do you think?

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News Gothic looks quite nice (though not as beautiful as on Adobe Typekit, but I guess that's due to different rendering techniques), but Source Sans Pro doesn't render that well here. Here's a screenshot, though it's slightly blurry, which is not how your text renders.

It's not very bad though. Helvetica is much worse on the web in a Windows environment. But if you look at the /R in Source Sans Pro, I don't think it's hinted properly. The bowl of /p and /b also renders too wide I think.

Rendering aside, the typefaces do work quite well together, but I'm not quite sure why it's important to have the same x-height here.

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Hi Martin, thanks for your input. You're right. Source Sans looks awful in the image you linked to. Hm, wonder why. What browser? In my browsers on the Mac, the page has a far better look-and-feel. Regarding similar x-height, I think it creates a stronger feeling of kinship between the two faces. Maybe not a critical issue but I do think it matters.

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I'm using Chrome, but it looks the same in other browsers. I think it has to do with the differences in rendering methods of text on Mac and Windows.

I think the x-height is relevant if you're going to use the typefaces at the same point size. Otherwise, I think the stronger feeling of kinship is mostly an appreciation of consistency and has no actual effect on the aesthetics. I might be wrong though.

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