Message From a Soul Sister - FONT ID - sans serif

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Looking for an ID on this bold 70's style sans serif.

Many thanks in advance!

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Found a match called Arroyo but as I can't state about its legitimacy, I prefer not linking to it. It is actually very close to Anzeigen, main difference being on /R leg.
More in same ballpark: Header, Plak

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fantastic thank you!

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Hi Ryuk, perfect find for the yellow letters. Note the red letters are stretched vertically so the VIKI ANDERSON is not overpowered by the yellow letters. A clear example of photo morphing of the font. The digital Arroyo is fairly well made. But has no designer or copyright info other than a reference to fontmonger. Would be interesting to find out who did it. BTW note the ampersand.

Only a few fonts use this version.

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As for the narrower bottom row, Wagner Grotesk is as good a match for this one as Anzeigen is for the yellow lettering. In both cases the R has the wrong leg. Wagner Grotesk has an ampersand that is similar to Arroyo except it lacks a opening between the bar and the lhs.

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