Vintage typography pairings and element resources

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Does anyone have recommendations for reading material or resources regarding vintage type , history, patterns, and most importantly tips and techniques. I'm not looking for inspiration, but process descriptions, font pairing tips, ect. Essentially, why do the vintage (the late 1800s to early 1900s AND 'modern' vintage) labels, posters, logos work together.

Here are some excellent examples from designers embodying the attached images. If anyone works specifically with elements like this feel free to add your opinions, comments, ect. It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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The 1923 Manual of Linotype Typography featured early 20th century historicist design alluding to specific earlier eras, demonstrating how typeface, ornament and layout work together to create a cohesive style.

Download the PDF:

Better yet, buy your own copy for less than $100.

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Thanks Nick! I will check it out-this is a new find for me so thanks again!

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