Looking for a slab serif with a light appeal, alternatives to Archer

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Hi all,
I'm working on a farm to table restaurant design. But it will be more than a restaurant, with packaging and food products down the line.
I'm looking for a slab serif that has some light, somewhat feminine qualities. The brand I'm working on has a light feel to it, and I don't want to use a thick slab to move in on that.

I know lots of designers deride archer as overused, but it's still stands up.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a slab serif that has multiple weights that could have similar qualities.

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Even though I had a hand in Nina's Ernestine, I can objectively say that Craig is right on: it seems like an unusually close match for what you describe.


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Ernestine seems to be a fantastic choice. Further away from Archer but in case you want something warmer, I would recommend Cassia by Hoftype.

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Thanks for help everyone!

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