Aliens (1986) - Sentry Gun Console Font

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Hi guys,

I'm hoping you can help me name this font? I was watching Aliens again last night, and when this scene came on, I suddenly decided I must know the name of this font! :)

After reading through some of the other font id threads, there is some serious talent on this board, so I have high hopes that you guys can help me. =^D

All the best,


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Perhaps you can find a substitute here;
Most of these fonts are made as a labor of love by amateurs, but there are perhaps some that are rips of fonts produced by others and thus are not legitimate. Cavete deorsum pondus.

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This is the closest one I found: Carbon Bold

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Found an arcade alphabet that is almost identical for both letters and numbers. Patrick Griffin's Screener from Canada Type
You have to add the LCD effect.

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Oh my god.. That's amazing, thank you so much!! This will look awesome on my phone. Screener is the one! You rock Don, thank you, thank you and thank you again! :)

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