Marinetti layout

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Any ideas?


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There is an old metal type called Super, designed by Arno Drescher in 1930, which matches all the details of this lettering. The squared M with raised crotch(unlike Futura), the curved t (also unlike Futura), the high waisted R, the g, e and c terminals -- it was as close as I could find. If it had been from an Italian foundry I would have been sure of it, but it was from Shriftguss, a German foundry. I found this in the Jaspert "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces".

- Mike Yanega

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Looks like it could be Arno Drescher's "Super Grotesk", revived by Nicolai Gogoll as Drescher Grotesk for Bitstream. FontFont also have a version of Super Grotesk.

See an interesting comparison here:

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Bitstream version also has Drescher Grotesk BT SmallSizes (with ink traps), a cool addition.

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Thanks for the swift work on this. It is greatly appreciated.

Gogoll's Drescher Grotesk feels a little too contemporary for my purposes. Svend Smital's FF Super Grotesk is perfect.

I have another related ID request for you... Tullio d'Albisola


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