serif font magazine body copy?

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my magazine uses bembo for body copy, which i find a bit dated and better for book copy.

can anyone please recommend a more modern serif that works for body copy? Perhaps a little cleaner than Bembo.

I am considering paring it with Museo (headlines) throughout the magazine.

The magazine has a dated look, so just looking for something more modern with a little more weight than Bembo, I find it light, wide and antiquated.

If you know of anything great, don't be afraid to suggest what it might pair with for headlines etc...

I really appreciate any suggestions. Looking forward to some feedback.

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There are so many.
I could recommend one of mine.
But I think the best thing you could do is go to a bookstore and look through a few magazines, and find ones whose body text you like and that you think would be suitable for your layout, client and readers.
You don’t have to copy the fonts or setting exactly, but it will help focus your thinking.

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Thanks for your reply. I have done a lot of observing and thinking

I am really interested in your suggestions, personal faves, even fonts of your own.

I want to play around with the layouts before anything is decided upon an just weight my options.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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believe me i am doing the work :)

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First things first: what is the magazine about, what is the current (and desired) readership, how much text does it carry, and what do the illustrations look like?


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thanks for your inquiry.

Magazine is on the international media - television

readership is pretty large - worldwide - thousands - audience is mostly businesses & executives

It tends to be pretty type heavy, illustrations are not much, we tend to use large photos.

I am the new art director and I am really looking to upgrade the look and feel. We use too many fonts and the look is dated. I am looking for outside opinions and expertise, we can tend to be a bit insular.

Thanks again.

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