Please help me identify this

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I have been trying to find this font, but couldn't find it.

To me it looks like a "Times" variant, but then I noticed the serifs of the capital italicized letters 'I' and 'A' (see detail)

Closest I came to it was 'Times BQ' or in my library it is also listed under "Times New Roman* MONOTYPE Regular" ...

any help appreciated, the scan is from jd salinger's nine stories (1991 edition)

(already tried identifont, whatthefont)

CG Times
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Did you try using the Serif Font ID Guide? When I use it this is definitely Times, and I think the Compugraphic (CG) version that came from Agfa (now looks like the right one. I think the serifs on your I and A were slightly misprinted, and not actually like the way they appear.

- Mike Yanega

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Hey Mike..
I think you are right about the misprinting,
CG version seem to be the one !
I'll mark this as solved, thank you , sebastian

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