I can't see more than a half of the Unicode (utf-8) chars

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I've tested it here, http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/utf8test.htm
No talking about the miscellaneous ones.

Is it Windows 7 fonts? Is it Chrome rendering? Is it some configuration I should tweak? Any help is welcome!
I've just checked that UTF-8 was selected in Chrome codification, and it was. Strangly I can see more symbols in IE 11 (!)

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You can only see what is in your fonts, and no os comes with fonts for everything in unicode. If you give specifics, someone could tell what font you need. Utf is irrelevant.

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Some software may be better than others at finding fallback fonts to supplement the empty slots in your main fonts. I have noticed this happening on rare but frequent enough occasions where a startlingly different font appears where there is a recently introduced glyph, like capital sharp S or one of the newer currency symbols that many common fonts haven't yet been updated to support.

If you don't have any installed fonts with those characters, they won't show up. If you do have at least one such font installed, your software may make the substitution automatically, or you might have to make a settings adjustment.

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