Goudy Old Style

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I am starting a new project and I was thinking of using Goudy Old Style as my main title font. I have a few pairings in mind to go along with it but, I want to see what other people think would be a good look as well. Any feedback would be lovely.

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What kind of project is it? A book, a magazine, a poster, a website, Powerpoint slides? Are you looking for a text font that would work with Goudy Old Style headers, or are you picking type for other kinds of headers, captions, tables, lists, etc.?
90 of Frederic Goudy’s typefaces were issued, and many have been digitized. You might start by looking at other Goudy faces.

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Im actually redesigning my resume. Goudy Old Style is the main header font, and the body font. I was looking for another font to head the sub categories, right now I am going with Antonio. I perused the myriad of other Goudy fonts but didn't fall in love with any for the look I am going for. Thank you for the good advice though.

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