Wood type, sans serif ID

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My new print shop has this awesome drawer type of which I was given that ampersand! Is the type Futura? I think it is, I think I got this one...

The size of the type is 94.5pt ...or at least the ampersand measures 1 5/16"


Thanks in advance!


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Not certain what you are saying. Was the ampersand with the drawer of type or from somewhere else?
Anyway, everything looks like Futura Bold to me
Easier to compare if you mirror the image


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Thanks Don!

Yes, the ampersand was with the drawer of type ...now it's with me. Nice gift from my new print shop.

I guess there's no way of telling the age of the type?

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Paul Renner designed Futura in 1927-30, so no older than that.

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How interesting, thanks again :)!

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