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I am in the middle of creating a new website for a client, and in the process I am also looking to update their logo, as it is currently looking very outdated. The current logo is in Maiandra GD, not the best looking font I've ever seen for a children's website, especially with every letter being in a different colour. However, the client seems to be very keen on it, despite my gently hinting that their current logo looks abhorrent (though not in so many words). I would therefore like to update the logo only subtly, using a similar but more modern font.

The website sells pushchairs and prams, so it would need to be something child-friendly, and preferably have the same chunky feel as Maiandra. As already mentioned, it should have a more modern feel to it, yet not be too different at the same time.

All suggestions would be sincerely appreciated!
Thank you

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> However, the client seems to be very keen on it [current logo]

I would be cautious about offering revised logos unless the person in charge of the company agrees in advance. I have seen several clients go ballistic when revised logos are presented after they've said they were happy with the current one. They may think that you aren't paying attention to their wishes, and it may offend a client who likes their current logo (bad as it may be).

On one memorable occasion when I was working at a large design firm, the CEO of a large company looked at our concepts and literally yelled "Don't [F word] with our logo!"

Now maybe your client will like your new logo ideas, but size up your client first.

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Fritz by Christian Schwartz is based on Oz Cooper lettering, as is Maiandra. I like it a lot, especially the chunky weights, and think it would be lovely for children's stuff. Also based on the same bit of lettering, apparently, as Fritz is Robusto. My favorite of the three is Fritz.

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Good call, Bill.

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