A subheading or body copy font that goes with Aldo

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I'm new here and I'm looking for a nice, slightly thinner typeface to go with Aldo as a subheading. Aldo only has a semibold style. I went through all my fonts and I don't really like any of them as far as going with this one. Any suggestions?

Font is here: http://www.dafont.com/aldo.font

Thanks! Cheers!

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You can thin it up in InDesign etc., by applying a tiny stroke value, in the background color.

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I actually did think about doing that. Guess I should move my ass and do the work, lol. Thanks.
Other ideas are of course welcome.

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One caveat with this -- if it's going to an offset printer, as with a book, their preflight program will usually squawk about any stroke less then .25 points, and they'll usually hold up the job until they get an answer back. For that reason, we don't do employ this technique, except to make a faux bold from a roman, where .25 points is just about right.

We never tried to tell the printer "it's OK, go ahead" (publisher objected, with I think good reason) so I don't know the complete answer. And of course, if you're not putting ink on paper, preflight programs won't matter -- though for all I know, there are other programs that will just ignore any fine strokes.

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