Best free tool for taking printscreens of websites

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what is the best tool for this action?


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uh...the Print Screen key on your OS...

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On Windows it's one button (labeled "Prnt Scrn") but on OSX it's the much more intuitive Option-Control-Alt-Something...


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Need to "print screen" the hole website.

Like webgalleries.


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On a Mac, taking a screen shot just saves the portion of the screen visible on your monitor, so long web pages might get cut off.

A workaround is to press Command-P (Print) and in the print dialog box choose Save as PDF. The resulting PDF will be of the entire web page.

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On a Mac, I use WebSnapper as this can save a webpage as a PDF where it makes the page as long as necessary for the whole content, i.e. no page breaks.


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For Mac, Paparazzi is by far the best utility I've used. It's a great tool.

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