Williams Sonoma packaging

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Anyone know any of the fonts used here?
The script may be custom, but I'm not sure what the slab and sans are.

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"KNIVES" looks like Egizio Condensed by Aldo Novarese (available from URW++, Linotype, E&F...)
"CHEESE" looks close to Alternate Gothic No3

the script is too small for me...

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Hard to tell with such a distorted and blurry sample for me. I may risk Trade Gothic Condensed Bold post-treated for 'CHEESE'. The script is something I know but can't recall... Really can't tell for the others without a better sample...

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Perhaps Storefront Pro for the script? See the Glyphs map for similar T's.

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Better pic will get you better answers. As it is, three of our best font detectives are all over the map.

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Sorry for the blurry image.
That's the best I could find, but all of you have been very helpful.
I can go with the fonts you suggested,
I think they are pretty accurate. Thanks again, guys!

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