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I'm drawing a conceptual font were the upper case is depending on the lower case. I have made alternative glyphs for zero–nine, so they will work with the same principle as the letters, A–Z and a–z.
But in the InDesign glyph window the name of the alternative "zero" becomes "NULL" which makes it hard to find/understand.
The forms of the characters only makes sense when they are together.

So, is it possible to name the alternative zero (today named zero.alt1 in FLS) so it turns up in the InDesign glyph window as something related to zero? Like zero.alt1?

Thank you.


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The normal way would be connect the base glyph with the alternates through a feature (e.g. SALT, CALT, …) and then also assign these features to AALT (“All Alternates”).
Then in InDesign the user gets a drop-down menu from the base glyph to access all available alternates for the base glyph.

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Thank you very much.
I didn't think of that.


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BTW could we see what the font looks like? I for one am curious.


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I can't insert an image but here is a picture of Expedition One . ->
My wife's first reaction was: Have you really done this, is it inspiread by something, i've seen it before. SI think she was thinking of the typography on the Dylan poster by M. Glaser.

My question to this forum: is it a copy of something, myself can't remember anything that could have inspired me to do it, except my first thought?
I had a clear thought, one letter is forced to work with another letter to become understandable...


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