Queen Burger

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Which font is this?
Seems a bit like Brasserie.

Thirsty script
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Thirsty Script Regular by Yellow Design Studio https://www.fontbros.com/families/thirsty-script/styles/regular

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Brasserie is a very good alternative. For this one, I'm pretty convinced LΛNGE & LΛNGE tweaked Thirsty Script YDS ("mainly" rounding extremities).
For the record, have a look there about Thirsty Script legitimacy...

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Yes the tips are rounded, but it's still Thirsty Script. As for the legal issues they seem to have been resolved. Thirsty Script is now sold by Myfonts http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/yellow-design/thirsty-script/ This case calls for something to "wet the whistle" :)

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