Wirthaus German Food Logo

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I know a lot of art deco/jugendstyle similars but no match.
Any thoughts about what it might be based on? Perhaps something not digitized? Old poster?

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Hi Don,
take a look at this old discussion here:

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Thanks Fivos for the pointer to Legrand. I found the Rick Mueller and "Font Shop 1999" digitizations at "free" sites as well as a pointer to a digitization by Gerald Gallo being sold under the name Display Art Three http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/gallofonts/display-art-three/ Identifont and the major font vendors are blank for Legrand.
They seem to be independent digitizations of the same source. The Gallo version has a slightly more finished quality than the Mueller, but has far fewer glyphs. The Fontshop 1999 is of poorer quality.

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