Typefaces or font which signifies Sydney, Australia or just Australia

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I'm designing a poster for a concert taking place in Sydney, Australia and wonder if there is a typeface or font that feels representative of the city or whole country. Something whose shape could work with those of the Sydney Opera House (egg shapes, with curves) would be ideal. So far I've tried Sydney 2ooo and Merrivale, which was based on a late Victorian shopsign in Melbourne. However, I'm not in love with either of them.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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If you make it too literal it's going to look like a joke. But it's not impossible to –mildly– evoke a place with a font.* First question: who is the audience, and what do you want them to feel about the place?

* See Lisboa here: http://typographica.org/on-typography/our-favorite-typefaces-of-2005/


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I hear you on being too literal. The audience is fans of pop jam bands i.e. Dave Matthews Band and Phish. The weather/sunshine would be a nice thing to evoke. Thanks for the recommendation of Lisboa, but think I need something that's display and decorative. Something that looks hand-lettered would be great, along the lines of what Methane Studios does:


Thanks very much for your reply. It's also helping me to hone in on what I'm really going for!

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Perhaps something with a eggshellish flare such as Calypso...



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I had tried responding to this but was blocked for spam. Thanks for your reply!

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Very interesting and unique typeface! Thanks for the suggestion!

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