Birth of a Hero without the distress

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Looking to find this font. It looks a lot like Birth of a Hero just without the distress. Also I'm sure the "T" is customized, if not even better. Thanks

Devil Breeze
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You are probably looking for Devil Breeze (Book) free font by Wesley Pastrana [Weslo Gfx, 2010]
The lowercase glyphs are "normal" capital letters, while in the uppercase you can find some customizations as your /T, although I can't find the /U of your sample

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Thats exactly it. Thanks so much. It even has the U.

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Don't know this Devil Breeze but I'm afraid it's a blatant Avant-Garde Gothic rip-off. And actually, this sample all looks like Avant-Garde Gothic using some stylistic alternates and ligatures: UT, NT, V, M. Birth of A Hero is also a (illegal?) roughened version of Avant-Garde Gothic... Better go with the original...

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I think Ryuk is right. Avant-Garde Gothic has everything you need, you better go with the original ;)
Thanks Ryuk :)

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