This font is fancy and looks like Harrington but it's not, please help. Could be ancient?

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What is this font?

The closest I can find is Harrington. But we are reprinting this book and I need to know what font this is to recreate the cover.

We couldn't find it for building the website so we used Harrington:

But now we need the font for the second edition of the book. The original publisher is unavailable.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Diana aka Bonesai

Dan X. Solo's "Anglo"
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There are a number of fonts matching your sample, but I can't tell which of them -if any- is a legitimate and/or original design. The ones coming from SSK/SSI/B&P Graphics/WSI etc. are probably clones, but I list them here hopping that somebody more experienced can trace the origin of the font:

Angelo DB - (c) 1996 SoftMaker Software GmbH
Angelo - (C) 1993 B & P Graphics, Ltd.
Angelo - (c) 1996 SoftMaker Software GmbH
Anglican - From the WSI Font Collection. Copyright (c)1997 W.S.I.
Anglo - Generated by Fontographer 4.1.5
GE Vienna Script - Copyright 1999, Graphx Edge.
Marquis - From the WSI-Font Collection. Copyright (c)1993 W.S.I.
Rankle - Copyright 1995 by Elfring Soft Fonts, All rights reserved.
StephanieBecker - [no copyright info]
TR Anglican - Dinamit Online by Sherlock
Viata Script SSi - Copyright 1992 Southern Software, Inc.
ViataScriptSSK - Copyright 1992 Southern Software, Inc.

There is also another one having a copyright of Adobe(!) but I think it's just a joke [somebody put it intentionally here, of made a copy on top of another adobe font]:
Anglo - Copyright 2006 Adobe Systems Incorporated

Please be careful and don't use any of the above, until you get some accurate information about their legitimacy.

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Hi Fivos, thanks for the latest collection of rogues and pirates, with a few who may be original designers. The problem seems similar to where it took some digging to get to a copy of the probable original.

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The name in the 1907 Barnhart Bros. & Spindler Type Catalog was Anglo.

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Now... I am in the search of this font.

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Thanks Mike for the lead. This is a big help in clearing the water. So, first the original BB&S font:

Then an original digitization. Fivios mentioned an Anglo "Generated by Fontographer 4.1.5." I found this in my folder of original digitizations by Dan X. Solo of metal type fonts that he had purchased during his many years of hunting for metal fonts. The digitization is of good quality, not merely an autoscan. This digital font was distributed [1998?] by Dan X. Solo in Dover Victorian book + CD pack. The legitimate way to acquire it is by purchasing the book.
So the digital font ID could be Dan X. Solo's Anglo.
There are some other digitizations but of poorer quality. I have not checked their provenance, but some might be original creative works. Version 2: Angelo 1993 B & P Graphics, Ltd. Can't say if this is their original or they lifted it from someone's earlier digitization, perhaps Opti. Version 3: Viata Script, Softkey, 1992 SS & Rankle 1995 Elfring Soft Fonts. And more loose ends: Anglophile (Novel), Anglican (WSI).... I have not checked.


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Thank you Don!

The original publisher gave us a high res scan of the book cover. We can use that for the reprint. But I am still interested in this digital font for future use.

Thanks for all the help!

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You're welcome Diana. I suggest you try contacting Dover about Dan X. Solo's Anglo. I believed he is no longer with us. See this rather dated info from myfonts

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Dear Don,

Thank you so much!

I found it here:

But Amazon is sold out, so I ordered it through one of the used booksellers.

Thank you again!

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Hi Diana, I am very happy you were able to find, what in my non-legal opinion, is a legitimate source for the Dan X. Solo font. Your purchase of the font, even as a used book product, should I hope demonstrate due diligence. I really wish they had better distribution.

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Hi Don,

I am very happy too! :)

When you say you wish "they had better distribution", do you mean digital purchase and downloads?


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Hi Diana, that would be the best, but even keeping the Dover Dan X. Solo Alphabet books in print would be an improvement.

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