font on sign

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Please check out this font, i tried on whatthefont but no results. thanks in advance.


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Excellent character in the lettering on this sign, presumably Austria, and after circa 1910. Don't know of a digital match, or a pre-digital for that matter.
The style shows a mixture of influences, including Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts movement. Some of the fonts in this link might be of interest.

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Thanks Don,

Yes its kind of Jugendstil font pretty hard to get it... Thanks for the information and the link!


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You're welcome Alfred. I should have made a specific mention of Jugendstil, which is after all the leading version of the influences of Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts in Austria. So add to your list David Kerkhoff's new font Himmelblau Also designs from Eckmann & Behrens are worth a look.

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