Elegant sans typeface with unusual ampersand

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Can anyone help me identify the typeface used in this website's navigation bar?
The ampersand is particularly distinctive, but unfamiliar to me. (As seen in 'prints & art')
(Also slightly horrible kerning on 'valentine's' makes me wonder if it's some kind of bespoke adaptation?)

NOTHS Sans No2 SemiBold
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The Whatfont-app says: »NOTHS Sans No2 SemiBold«. So probably custom for »Not On The High Street«.

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Thanks for that!
I didn't know about that app, will be sure to get hold of it for situations like this in future.

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'NOTHS' has been designed by Tony Hurme. I'm pretty convinced you could get pretty close using his 'Hurme Geometric' (mainly N°2 and N°3 for this case).

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