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crit is welcome. its for a tech company but they havent seen anything yet. how does the "s" make you feel. hrant- does this "G" tickle your fancy.

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I only do lc "g"s... :-)
I like the "s" of its own, but I'm not sure the whole thing comes together well.


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I agree with Hrant.

I wonder if you could have some ligature fun with the idea of "fusion" which means the act of fusing or melding things together.

G Fusions sounds like a line of gangsta clothes, a la Fubu.

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The spurs seem very tiny (too sharp) when you
look at the small version.

Other than that, I think the name needs some work. :-)

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i think i will scrap this idea and explore the "fused" idea. makes too much sense not to. i will try not to make it look too much like the digital vision fusion logo which is pretty tight btw...
and check out the somewhat recently redesigned http://www.fuszion.com logo. these guys kick ass.
i think the gfusions name was born because of domain availability. its a g thing.

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Like the others. There are elements to this, which I do like. But I think you are smart going for the conceptual.

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...someone likes barry deck.

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