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This is my first attempt at a font so feel free to rip me apart. I know it isn't anywhere near complete so really all i'm looking for is suggestions on what to do next.

Thanks CK


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The outline version is pretty cute, actually.


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Yeah, I'm with Hrant, the outline is cure.
If you release this for free you can be sure it'll end up on some taco bell advertising or something like that :)

I like the way you seperate the p and q by tapering them differently, nice touch.

Overall, nice, quirky typeface. Do some more characters! :)

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wow! thanks for the positive feedback! I think i'm actually going to try and finish this thing now. Here's some of the revised characters and a quick toying around with the idea of making a shadow version. And please, be as picky as possible.


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It reminds me of "Ren & Stimpy" or anything drawn/animated by Ralph Bakshi -- and I mean that as a compliment.... :)

It's a fun design, and I think it would even be marketable. I can see ITC, Lettraset or Image Club (or whatever name they're going by now) carrying this....

And definitely, include the shadow version. It adds to the flavor and versatility of the family.


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Hi Colin,

I like your Ebin font but you came here for critique so I've got some for ya!

I can see how you built part of the font based on duplicating the stems to make all the ascenders but I feel it is the wrong direction to take this face.

This type design has a quirky inconsistancy to it that should be enhanced, not normalized or homogenized. I would say put all the letters you've got on one print out and you'll see very easily which ones could use some tweaking to be more expressive and playful.

Of the glyphs I would say there are a few that could use a redo g, k, s, and v. Also the x could use a little more weight on one end.

Once the base font is mastered, go nuts with the other versions of the font.

Also, even if it is free, take the time to develop the uppercase, numbers and some symbols for this font. You'll kick yourself later for not learning more from this experiment.

Can't wait to see the results!

Stuart :D

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thanks for the feedback Stuart, i think you're right about taking it another step to make it more unique. And David, i'm impressed, you picked out the Ren and Stimpy influence with ease. Before i began my education as a graphic designer i was obsessed with animation and of course Spumco's stuff. When i started designing this font it kind naturally took that direction and i went with it (note the ren like g).

thanks again, CK

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