Looking for a font similar to the one used on the St. Louis Cardinals uniforms

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Hi. I am new to this forum and wondering if someone could help me with a question. I am a huge. St. Cardinals fan. I am working in making my Christmas cards for next year. (Dec 2014). I what to play off the Cardinals Logo. I will be using 2 hand made cardinals that will be sitting in a pine branch instead of a bat. I would like to do Merry Christmas in the Cardinals font.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I have attached s copy of what I am trying to recreate.

Thanks so much for any advice!


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Strictly speaking this is not a font ID request, since you know this is lettering and not a font. But you might get some useful suggestions if you post this on the type id board http://typophile.com/typeid

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That's their logo?!
So who's going to fix it?


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Just a caution that any commercial use of their logo — including in a Christmas card that you sell, or send in large quantities on behalf of a business — could result in trouble. A friend of mine works in the licensing department of a team and frequently sues people and has their unauthorized merchandise destroyed. But if your project is strictly a non-business, personal Christmas card that you don't offer for sale, you should be fine.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I have found a font on my one of my die cutting machines that is pretty close to the letter except the C. Since I am only making 11 cards for the rest of the Cardinal nuts in my family I have traced and hand cut the 11 C's that I need. Geeze the make it hard for fans! :)

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