Speed Punk now available to buy online

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Hi everyone,

almost three years after Robothon’12, where I first presented Speed Punk to the public, I stopped selling it »by email« and started selling it online instead.

Please have a look at https://yanone.de/buy/ and point all potential users and students there.
I offer student discount after account registration.

Personal side note: I started the shop from scratch, written all in Python. Should you run into any trouble or inconsistencies, please let me know.

A note to all previous buyers of Speed Punk, by email or through the CDs I sold on Robothon:
You have received personalized voucher codes for the new online shop in a text file together with the plugins, one each for the versions for RoboFont and Glyphs.app.
You may register at the shop and use these voucher codes to »purchase« the plugins for free, which will establish a proper customer relationship between us and will enable you to receive future updates for the software (make sure to keep that setting ticked upon registration).
There are still no updates available at the moment, still 1.0. But a minor bug fix release for the Glyphs.app version might become necessary soon, after I have tried to convince Georg that the bug is on his side and that I followed his recommendations at the time ;)
And I’m looking into releasing a feature update in summer.

Next up: I need to make a video explaining Speed Punk.
Thank you.

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Typophile mis-formatted the link, here’s the correct one (I hope): https://yanone.de/buy/

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Good news – congrats.


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