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Quoting Mark Simonson from a previous discussion on Neil Young "Harvest" album cover.

I discovered the inspiration for this piece of lettering years ago in one of those "old engraving" swipe books:
It's a standard cut (sort of like clip art) produced by the MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Foundry of Philadelphia in the 1800s.
I've also got a copy of the original Harvest LP. The designer is listed (Tom Wilkes) but no specific credit for the lettering. Could be the designer did it. It's skillfully done, whoever did it. It's very faithful to the design of the MacKellar cut.

So definitely not-a-font. For some inspiration, may be having a look to LetterHead Fonts and Solotype would worth a shot.

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Complex lettering like Menu were sold as cuts, bill heads etc by the old foundries. There are revival fancy digital fonts that include versions of Menu as catchwords together with For, Received From, Account etc. When they are as complex as this Menu cut they are sometimes rendered as eps files as in Shutterstock or other packages designed for use with Illustrator. Menu looks very clean and regular. I can't decide whether it's high quality lettering, eps or a font catchword.
Further digging might find a digital version.

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It's relatively easy enough to reproduce in Illustrator. This particular one in fact is one I did several years ago for a web site; my source was MS&J. It is not a typeface but a cut.

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Link to a detailed image of the lettering on the Neil Young "Harvest" album cover

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Belhampton GATF would probably be a good font to base a customization on...

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