hiding system fonts in CS5

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I am using the latest Font Explorer (4.1) and CS 5 and was wondering if anyone knows a way to hide the system fonts from the font menus in InDesign. It's so irritating to have to scroll through Gujarati and Chalkduster when I'm trying to select a font.

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I don't think it's possible, but that's a really great idea. Even better would be if you could create subsets of fonts to be displayed in the font menu, rather than every font installed.

There's actually a system-wide facility for this on Mac OS X ("collections"), but it's only accessible in apps that use the system font picker (the Fonts window in Cocoa apps).

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Maybe someone from Adobe will read this...!

Alternatively, can I just delete those fonts from the system or will it cause problems? I can't imagine any circumstances under which I would want to use Chalkduster.

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Here's something I found useful on this topic. The person who wrote it did some testing of what applications break when certain system fonts are missing, and a lot of them are apparently not really necessary.

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InD CC allows you to have a selection of favorites at the top of the font menu, and only display those if you like…not that that helps you with CS5:~{

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Alternatively, can I just delete those fonts from the system or will it cause problems?

Simply open Font Book and deactivate the unwanted fonts.

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I use Font Explorer, not Font Book. But AHA! I just figured out how to deactivate the ones the system doesn't need!

View: System Fonts: Show in Smart Sets.

Then you can deactivate most of them (a few are clearly required, and are greyed out) then go to Hide Smart Sets et voila! Thanks Ralf.

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Extensis (maker of Suitcase Fusion) has a "best practices" font guide. I haven't looked at it for a while but I think it discusses which fonts are used by the system and which aren't.


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I shut off everything it would let me. The only downside is that now Chrome is displaying in Times Roman rather than whatever sans it had been using.

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