French Vintage Serif Font?

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Somebody who knows this font? Seems like a custom font but may be you guys know a similar font?
Especially the A is what I am looking for…

Thanks for you help


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Can't name it, most probably never digitized. I like Baufuss as alternative.

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thanks, but Baufuss is too different!

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An almost identical A -- with the angled cross stroke -- is found in F. W. Goudy's National Old Style and Nabisco fonts of 1916 and 1921.


National Old Style is available as a "prop font," i.e. an unedited autotrace from HPLHS [A Lovecraft fan and gaming group]
National is shown in detail at pages 300 to 305 of the ATF Catalog for 1923. Luc Devroye has an informative page
The distinctive leg on the R is very similar to the one on Nicolas Jenson’s Roman. See

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Awesome! Thank you so much, that font looks great!

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You're welcome Oliver. Many of F.W. Goudy's fonts have already been digitized. It's just a question of when, not if for this one. Interesting to see who gets there first.

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