Font for modern business magazine masthead

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I need suggestions for a modern font for a business magazine masthead. The magazine profiles successful local businesses and is distributed to business people.

The masthead consists of two words stacked together on top of the word BUSINESS. The letter S appears numerous times in all three words.

We are currently considering either Gotham Book or Eurostile. Any suggestions of alternatives and also a body copy font that matches would be greatly appreciated. I'll post a reply with the fonts we go with.

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With a focus on local businesses, I think Gotham is too generic, and Eurostile is too... 80s Europe. :-)

What about this:
It's flavorful, strong and honest, and reads great (including onscreen).
(Disclaimer: I had a hand in it.)

I'll suggest some others soon.


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Some other suggestions would be great!

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What about Bebas Neue?

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Another combination I was looking at is Antenna for the masthead and either Gotham or Open Sans for body copy?

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You may use Helvetica Neue Condensed/TW Cen MT Condensed for masthead

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