High Contrast Sans-Serif Typeface (sort of like a Didone without the serifs)

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I'm trying to identify this font used in one of the versions of the Kitsuné logo. (It's a French-based clothing and music label.)
The letters have a high contrast (thick/thin strokes), kind of like a didone type but it has no serifs.
Does anyone know what this font is or know of similar ones?
Thank you!

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Font is called "didotyounger", created exclusively for Kitsuné by Åbäke (co-founder of Kitsuné).
If you need to be as close as possible to original, the "best" would probably be to chop off serifs from a Didot, obviously stated by the font name "DIDOTyounger".
Some alternatives, out-of-the-box: Chong Modern MTI, Britannic, Peignot LT

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Thank you @Ryuk! It's the second time you successfully identify a typeface for me in like a week! I really appreciate it.

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More substitute suggestions in previous threads

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