Geometric Title Sans

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Hi all,

I can't find this font(s) anywhere!

The font on the last 2 images is slightly different to that on the first 2, but it looks like one might be a rendition of the other. So they mustn't be custom fonts but I'm only speculating.

I've been trying to find the font from the first 2 images in particular, I just found the font from the last 2 to be very similar.


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Very close to Planeta by Dani Klauser but that's not it (/M centre vertex pointy, /G and digits...).
The second one, used on SRC783 Magazine by Nick Thomm is Relish/Guildford/Windlesham.
More in the same vein: Adequate, Brown LL, Monod, CityOf (no lowercases), Erbar, Monod, Kessel 105, (DIN) Neuzeit Grotesk/Geometric 706, Ziamimi (no lowercases), Nanami, Damian, Ealing, Report School (/M and /I off), Alumia (no lowercases), Throne Gothic (no lowercases, used to be sold at Ten Dollar Fonts), Diamonds (no lowercases), Dupe, Leberkaas Grotesk, Toronto Subway, Euclid, Maax, Ano, Ebisu and Nanami

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Wow, thanks for your help Ryuk!

I just stumbled across Futwora by Think Work Observe and I think that's the font I was looking for!

I'm glad I found it, albeit accidentally.

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Thanks for solving it, Matthew. Shame is I know Futwora and the work of TWO... Hadn't noticed Futwora and Planeta were so close... To remember!

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