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Dear All,

(Firstly, apologies if this request appeared in other forums where it shouldn't have, I got myself mixed up)

Looking for some guidance on fonts looking similar to the attached sample. (The raised appearance and the option of using two colours (in this case the raised gold border and enamel) are of particular interest).

Realize the sample photo itself is a hand carved 'one off' but any suggestions for commercially available fonts in a similar vein please?

thanks as always for the input and best wishes


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Maybe Lime Light or other Broadway type fonts could be what you're looking for:

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Thanks Special-K...appreciate the input.

'Limelight' is a reasonable starting point because of it's high contrast art deco style (to be honest, before my post I'd already scoured Broadway fonts from the 1920's). Unfortunately, it's a bit too commonly used for what I'm after...

Any other thoughts anyone?



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There are thick and thin sans that you could edit to get this result, but nothing off the shelf. One problem is that your image has the thick stroke of the A on the lhs rather than the rhs where it is conventionally placed.
So take a thick and thin A, mirror it and you have the first A. For the second A rotate an I 90 degrees, clip to length and you have it. For the i change the dot to a square, if your base font does not already have this.
Some candidates -- with varying contrast -- are: Britannic Bold, Castle Ultra, Globe Gothic, Imperial Ultra Bold, koala, Linex Sans Bold [this one has the square dot], PC Gothic, Scotsdale, XenoisSemiHeavy, Oil Can....

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Hi donshottype

Just the sort of leads I'm after... have been trying the mirroring etc to change the side of the thick stroke but was struggling for fonts that I might use as a base in the first place...

Really appreciate your suggestions- many thanks!


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