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This is Bitmuni, based on San Francisco MUNI train windows. I've seen this font done in vector form, but I've not seen it in 2-color bitmap, hence my version:


Would love to hear your thoughts. Certainly the original designer of the letter template had to work to get all the letters of the alphabet to work within the constraints. Is this the best solution? I wonder if we at Typophile could come up with a better "binary" way of displaying the alphabet... Anyone want to take a crack at it?

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Miguel, Jared's cell structures are much more complex.


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Jared's cell structures are too complex, I think.

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This coud be cool (if the concept fit) for TypeCon next year. -- But I do like it besides this thought.


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Very nice, Miguel! Guess that's why you're the king. :-)

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Quienes mas macho? Benson o Hernandez?

Nice stuff. =)

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Mono fonts like that one you look at the train are very usefull for signage, Jared.

I dont try to be inoportune, but I have done 2 similar binary pixel fonts, looks very similar in the way that you show us, from the same vector based modern mono typography ones i guess.

Mine is unnamed, i just put it here to compare with your cool Bitmuni, i guess that lc dont look good, perhaps need a new solution.

Crack it.



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