Perro urbano (stray dogs org.)

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This is a logo for an organization that wans to take care of the Santiago`s (Chile) stray dogs. We want to comunicate with it things that you usually see when you walk by the streets: grafittis, a little bit of a mess, ....but all with a freindly image of a dog that needs help (not desperatly....). we need help to get to a quick and good solution!!! please!!!this is the logo we have by now

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I love where you've gone with this already. You have done an excellent job humanizing the logo, which makes it very personal. There are definitely some spacial and weight issues with the lettering, but I'm so attached to the living, breathing human nature of it that I'm inclined to ignore any specific comments for change.

In order to avoid a complete copout, I guess I wouldn't mind seeing some of the shapes from the dog illustration introduced in the lettering (i.e. rounded white shapes from eyes, nose and ear being mirrored in the "R's", "B" and/or "A" counters). Also, there is a weight relationship between the dogs head and body and the legs and tail. It appears that you may have already tried to incorporate some similar weight relationship between the Perro and Urbano words, but I think this can be pursued a little more. Maybe even between the weight within each letter.

Good luck! Again, I like where this is going.


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This is very cute.


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ehhh...we have decided to make some changes on the typography, so it would be more legible...we are working now on the dog...we have been told that it looked like a mice...well....what do you think about our change? Thanks for all your opinions!!!!new typo

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Hi isa

i understand what you are trying to do with the legibility of the typeface y but i have to recognize that i love the dripping character of the first one, it fits very well with your dog illustration and has a kind of graffitti style, like qe say down here, you seconf typeface is less "quiltro".

good luck


by the way, i love your PU ligature on the first post

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Si bien es cierto el segundo es menos quiltro que el primero tienes que pensar que es mucho mas legible que el primero.
Ahora, empezamos un nuevo y "clasico" tema de discusion.
cuanta legibilidad estas dispuesto a tranzar por la expresi

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the text its between the underware logo and the house industries cool house typefaces

Juan pablo

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Please return to somewhere in the same area code or at least hemisphere as the original design. Make it more legible, but don't lose the direction.


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The original was much much better.


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The first one looks and smells like a Santiago suburban stray doggy, and is very cute, and vernacular.

The only issue is that some characters of the first and BETTER design, needs a bit of legibility clean up, but just a bit.

About the last sketch, maybe work in for nice and clean type house dogs from the netherlands... like Dolly.

Keep the eye on the first.

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Anybody who thinks that dog looks like a mouse is probably from Chernobyl.


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here is the second logo I`ve mentioned before...

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Maria, this has a nice Art Chantry feel and seems
appropriate for its intended use.

I still think it could be improved some.

a couple of suggestions/opinions/things to look at:

^ take a look at the balance, left to right, top to bottom.
Seems a bit unbalanced.

^ the P connecting to the U. Would it work
better if the letters didn't connect? Michael
Harvey, for one, frowns on the designer connecting
ascenders and descenders and stems in stacked designs.
But it works nice in "Catch Me" titles...

^ the two Rs in Perro could be mistaken for Ps.

^ the unfilled eye looks odd.

good luck. Dog puns edited out.


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no. I think it looks like the taco bell dog.
"yo quiero mas fontes." I am not trying to
insult anyone with my non-existant spanish.

BTW The first one might be percieved as more street or urban, but the second one has more
approachability and friendliness.

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