Warning to Mindcandy Designers?

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The following was passed along to me by a couple of different people, which made me decide to go public with it - I'm thinking the designers represented at Mindcandy might want to see this - assuming they don't already know and that's not "integrated" as a marketing trick or something:

For a limited time, you can buy EVERY FONT WE CARRY - THAT IS 450 FONTS on
CD-rom FOR ONLY $450!!! (plus shipping)

If this is beyond your budget right now, I am willing to give you any 20
fonts for only $99!!! (plus shipping)

We will soon get out of the FONT business, once and for all!! We have been
designing and selling fonts since 1995! We have watched this industry go
from bad to worse to simply unprofitable!!!

This means that all this wonderful type at www.mindcandy.com will NO LONGER
be available - singles or Font Kits!! As a matter of fact, as soon as some
of my type designers find out I am "giving away" their fonts - the shit is
sure to hit the fan. I am giving these fonts away at rock-bottom prices
ONLY in an attempt to pay my designers their past due royalties!!

If you have ever designed a font, I mean the ENTIRE font family, you know
how much work it can be - sometimes it takes months to complete and properly
kern just one font. If you have been in the graphic design business for
very long, you know that the market is simply FLOODED with fonts, many of
them very poorly designed and produced, and many of these "fly-by-night"
type designers are just giving them away for free. This has made a mockery
of the entire type industry. In addition, intellectual property laws in the
United States are a f#cking joke - allowing pirates to upload peoples hard
work and intellectual property for ALL TO STEAL!! (thanx for nothin' Fraud

Many of my type designers refuse to lower their prices to allow for these
tragic circumstances!! While I agree that fonts should be priced around $40
per font, they simply DO NOT SELL at that price. Here is where the conflict
lies between myself, the distributor, and my designers! I cannot tell you
how long this special offer will last!! Take advantage of it while you

THIS IS A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to get a phenominal font collection
for next to nothing!!!

ONLY because you have ordered from us in the past.

PLEASE EMAIL ME THE FOLLOWING CODE [XOXO7667-TYPO] in the subject field to
take advantage of this special offer!

To view the fonts, please go to:



Jeff Gillen - El Presidenté - Mindcandy.com

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