Typophile forums rant !

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I think typophile should use Cookies for logging in, i'm a member of probably thirty or forty forums, and i can't remember all the passwords, allso this would save a little bit of time...

Allso, the frames annoy me, as i can't bookmark a thread or send a link without some hassle...

Appart f rom that, great forum!

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I've been pleased with the forum setup since
I signed up for new posts to be emailed to me.
This way I can keep up with discussions without
even visiting the site unless I want to see an
embedded graphic or see an entire thread at once.

I believe you can set this in your user prefs.


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In both IE 5.1 and Netscape 4.7x on my Mac the discussion pages are almost always far, far too wide. I have to scroll right to read long lines of text that don't have any line breaks in them, and the limit on just how wide these pages can get seems to be infinite. In this PARTICULAR thread the page works fine - as if the frame it is in has a set pixel limit, but many other threads here don't seem to have any page/column width limit. Surely this can be fixed pretty simply by tweaking the templates.

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Here is the love:

I highly recommend manual line breaking.
I find it's a very comforting, zen experience
(like ironing, or that stick-in-the-sand thing).


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Manual line-breaking is indeed a form of art.
But note this: it reaches true nirvana only
when one adapts the actual content to
create a pleasant block of text.

Furthermore: a good paragraph is neither a
roller-coaster ride with huge gaps and juts,
nor is it a military tribunal with completely
straight sides; it is a pragmatic, human thing
that is neither frantic nor frigid. The Ancient
Greeks knew this; in comparison, the Romans
were juvenile.

My maxim for the ASCII age is this: Write for the rag.

But the reason I refuse to do it on Typophile is simple: the typing window uses the predictable, monospaced Courier, but the end-result uses a proportional font - this makes the creation of nice text blocks much too laborious.


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Manual line-breaks
Make visual poetry
When set in haiku


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By the way, I think I owe Jared an apology.

On re-reading my previous post, it could be construed that I was complaining about a lack of assistance with my account and password. In truth, I sent only one e-mail regarding the problem, several months ago, and it was a secondary mention within a message about another topic. I didn't bother following up because I was getting along just fine on the boards entering my name and e-mail address manually with each post.

It was only with the creation of this thread that I thought to ask about it again. As you can see, Jared fixed the problem for me immediately, for which I am grateful.

My previous post was somewhat careless, and while Jared made no indication of taking offense, I wanted to clear the air anyway.

Jared and Joe run a great organization, and I for one really appreciate their efforts.

David (who once was lost, but now is found) Thometz :)

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It does use cookies! Once you've logged in, you should never have to again. To activate it, click "Login/Register", enter your username/password and click "Log In" to open your account settings. Scroll down to "Preferences" and check the box marked "Remember my username and password in a cookie."

I agree, the frames are a hassle, but we haven't had much luck trying to strip them out. A new version of the BB software is coming out, and we're hoping that is one of the new features.

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Since the subject of passwords has been brought up, I haven't been able to use my account since I first signed up for it many months ago. The password that I thought I used when the account was created doesn't work, and the system won't let me make a new account with the same name or e-mail address. I sent an e-mail shortly afterward, but any reply never made it to me.

Can anything be done? I've been getting along without trouble by manually entering my name and e-mail address on my posts, but it would be nice to have access to all of the functionality of an account.


David (lost soul) Thometz ;)

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Ouch. Where's the love here people? Heh.

Martin, the issue you raise is true--there are no
set pixel dimensions. You'll notice it most
glaringly when someone posts a graphic that is
over, say 600px wide.

Lastly, note how my post (and Stephen's) is nice
and narrow? That's because I manually add line

This forum is software out of a box, and
so it's not always beautiful.

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Manual line breaks?

Sheesh -- next you'll suggest that we all
should KERN our fonts...! The audacity! ;)

Seriously, though, thanks for providing
a great resource. If anything can be done to reset my account status or fix the password problem, I would very much appreciate it.


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